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Energy Statements

Many Planning Departments are now specifying that Planning Applications should have an Energy Statement as well as a SAP. The Energy Statement demonstrates that renewable energy production equipment may be included on-site.

Complete Energy Consultancy can produce detailed Energy Statements showing which renewables have been considered and the overall reduction in carbon emissions and energy savings delivered if renewables were to be installed. This Report complies with the latest regulations and demonstrates the predicted energy usage in an easy to understand way which your Planning Officer will readily accept.

What is an Energy Statement?

An Energy Statement shows the predicted CO2 emissions and energy use (kWh) of a development and the arrangements for how these can be reduced through the on-site generation of renewable energy.

What does an Energy Statement involve?

1. Using site information, an analysis is carried out and the baseline energy consumption of the building/s identified

2. The renewable technologies are listed and the feasibility of each reviewed including the CO2 emission savings

3. The renewable energy technology/technologies which have been agreed for use in the project are identified

4. The final report is produced and indicates how much the suggested renewable technology/technologies will reduce overall

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